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…to all who participated or donated to Integral Care Foundation’s 17th Annual Bridging the Gap gala on November 1, 2018.

Through your compassion and generosity,

Integral Care’s program called The Inn will now be able to bridge the gap between government funded resources and specialized services that enhance the well-being of those living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and a mental health disorder.


That is, individuals who experience a dual diagnosis of mental illness and a disability like cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual impairment, childhood traumatic brain injury or deafness and communication difficulties.  With proceeds from the gala, the Inn staff will have the latest evidence-based tools and therapeutic supplies like a relaxing sensory light machine, a b-Calm headphone system, calming, weighted blankets, a tactile interactive all panel that promotes mental and physical relaxation, a sensory garden, and specialized training.

We also had the privilege of honoring Dr. Clay Johnston, 

Dean of the Dell Medical School, as the 2018 Mental Health Champion.  We’re in an exciting time in our community when it comes to mental health and integration. Ground-breaking initiatives are significantly improving the lives of people living with mental illness. Dell Medical School is leading initiatives and partnering across the community to improve mental health care. One such effort is the redesign of the Austin State Hospital, championed by Senator Kirk and ably led by Dell Medical School’s Chair of Psychiatry Dr. Steve Strakowski. Dr. Johnston’s ambitious vision guides the medical school here in Austin. That vision is laser-focused on solutions, innovation, and deeper integration of care, with a core belief that health is improved when the whole person is treated.  Integral Care is proud to have Dell Med as a partner.

The bridge you built will transport people with IDD and mental illness who find themselves in crisis situations to hope, recovery, and wellness. Your support creates transformative change in individual lives, improving the well-being of our overall community.

Thank you to our generous 2018 sponsors

Joan and Kurt Wade

Howard and Mary G. Yancy, Ph.D. / Hancock Wellness Center

Susan and Scott Hector

Gary Daniel

Stacy and Steve